Hello, friends. 

I am back. 

It is so nice to be here in this space. 

I look forward to this Autumn. 

Somebunny loves you. 

A summertime picnic delight. One of many my friend Katie and I have most often spontaneously created as we gather, each bringing something to the blanket to share. We smile a lot, and laugh about silly things, share life challenges and the questions we are living. She has taught me a lot on appreciating the good bites in life.

It helps to not keep everything inside. Sometimes I just need to paint it out but other times I need a good talk with a trusted friend. It is interesting to learn the needs of living for myself as an individual and how it relates to the needs of the grander scale of humanity. I remind myself that we are each given different tools and stories to work within and that we can expand this with choice, intent and action.

I remind myself that I am not alone in experiencing adversity and challenge. In fact, the other day, I decided I would perhaps enjoy reading the newspaper as a way to connect to the world around me. I have been living within my own world so deeply that I have forgotten to look outside. When we hear and listen to each others stories, it transforms them in some way.

There is a balance, as in everything, I am learning. 

Phase one of the art installation at Nina’s is complete.

The title of this show, Love Is the Answer, is inspired by the questions I have been living.

I am sharing a selection of paintings from the past three years of work. I consider this a celebration and a gateway into the new phase of creation. Before I used art as my own therapy. I would sit, clear my mind and create without planning ahead or having an idea of the end result.

Now, from doing all of this work, I have all of these images of future creations. I will paint intuitively with structure. It will be a different process. It won’t be about me and my minds pictures, it will be the sights in front of my eyes.

I am learning so much through the process of creating and sharing. I really, really love to paint. I also like attempting to put it all out there and not care what others think.

Sharing my art allows me the avenue to practice this, working through the desire to turn the other way. Stepping into that fear and acknowledging, yes this is what I think. No, I am not perfect. Yes, I like to study these things as a way of life. Yes, I like to write about it as well because it helps me figure it out.

So, I share my art. I make more. I do it again. I breathe through it all and in doing this, I make room for you to do your own thing. Make your own Light. Share how you see and feel the world.

I just love it.
I really do.

I enjoy the exchange.

On a side note,

I am pumped to make some mail art with people this month. I will be bringing supplies to share during my frequent visits to Nina’s. You can sit down and create with me, if you feel up to it, hang your mail art on the dream wall and I will post it after the show is over in a mass mailing.

I am curious to see the stacks we will create and where they will go. To track this curiosity, I decided I will make a map.

Also, I am excited for the addition of live music from Beneath the Crow for the Party. Who knows what other surprises are in store? Maybe a rainbow. Definitely chalk. It will be interesting to see.

As I am deepening connection within myself I naturally deepen connections with other humans doing the same. The friends and strangers whom I meet all have something to share, otherwise what would we be doing here? If we are still alive and breathing there must be a reason why.

Part of this journey is accepting this within myself, that there is a reason I am here. Part of it is accepting that life is colored in a variety of colors within the rainbow, that emotions are real and when identified become so much less energetically draining and can be transformed. Within this growth there are many forms that arise. New thought forms replace old thought forms. New friends replace old friends. New looks replace old looks. 

Or, perhaps, it is a symbiotic connection that through these transitions we are releasing energy that others need. Through these questions that pound through every step, we are able to go that much higher into the heavens and come back that much deeper into the earth, reflecting the light of the point of center within. Recognizing that although there are others here, it is ultimately up to our self to be what we want. To see what we want. To become what we are. We need each other to reach this point, however. 

You may have something to share with me, and I with you, but truly I must reach within myself and choose to climb. Choose to fall. Choose to try. Choose to be within the now. I look into your eyes and ask in silence, what do you need? Whatever you need, you have it. It is within you. 

The more I am here, in the now, the more I feel that whatever happens in life is okay. Whatever storms that passes through these fields will replenish us and strengthen our ability to be. Whatever situation or occurrence that is needed will exist. It is our part to look within it and be the beauty. These experiences, like our human forms, are here with purpose and reason. 

I look up, sitting in this cafe, each table is filled and people are laughing and eating, indulging with one another in this space of grace. Pinks and yellows pop against the grey skies. Trees that are standing strong within the earth and dancing above within the clouds look to remind me of what I am.

"Open up your heart. Spread your wings to fly." Sphie sings to me once again through these headphones. I sing along through the tapping of these keys on this computer. 

I choose to sit here and write. To document. Record. Explore. Why? 

Why not?

Swede Hollow Cafe, Saint Paul

Sitting in the garden, listening to Sphie sing to me through these headphones, I drink my espresso and imagine the people filling Nina’s for the Prosperity Party. I make mental notes and written notes, documenting this story of mine. I watch the leaves and they dance, smiling back at me. 

Often a friend will appear across from me, sharing their own story. This furthers the belief that as I am, I am enough. I just need to show up. 

What does it look like to be open? What does it feel like to access the energy that is in constant movement around and within us? What do these moments add up to? 

These are my thoughts for you today. Whoever you are. You are beautiful. You are abundant. You are enough too, just as you are. 

A celebration of the 2014 Movement Electronic Music Festival. What a joy to be apart of this beauty. 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow with Steve on guitar and me singing. Enjoy today, friends. There are a lot of beautiful things happening. 

Today is nice.

I have fallen in love with a city, pulling itself up and through the ashes to step into the Light. This is not easy work, but the sweat and the rhythm that continues to fuel these people, the beauty that is seeping through these cracks is growing and expanding and creating a movement.

There is a beat that I felt as my feet hit the pavement, it moved up into my heart and through the crown, I looked out in a wash of white. The sunlight danced. The people swayed. I was motionless, under the trees, looking up again in this stillness as my body felt the vibrations of the music that was moving through me hours before.

Now, a week later as I am sitting outside of this cafe in this city I call Home, I still feel Detroit. It is in my heart. This is a love that will not fade for it is pure and gentle and forgiving. Resilient. It is rooted deeply. I wonder where these branches will carry me?